Eclipse Plug-in Dependency Graph

In an earlier post I wrote about the PDE Incubator project Dependency Visualization which allows to display the dependencies of Eclipse Plug-ins as a graph utilizing the Zest library. Since there seems to be considerable interest in this topic and there has been some progress in the project, I decided to have a second look at it.

By now it is also possible to toggle between two modes on the toolbar: you can either show the callers or the callees of a selected plug-in. As mentioned in the earlier post, I wanted to be able to exclude Eclipse plug-ins in cases where the focus is solely on the dependencies between the self-developed plug-ins. Therefore I added a very simplistic filter capability. I provide the modified and updated version of this plug-in here (Eclipse 3.4.x) for your convience.

[Update 3.1.2010] Download for Eclipse 3.5.x


Anonymous said...

I tried your modified plugin, but it failed with errors in my Eclipse 3.5.1 environment.

Next I imported, compiled and deployed the original version. It works fine, but it's missing your nifty filtering capability.

Any chance you could post the changes you made --- or the modified version of the workspace project for this tool?

testdrivenguy said...

I provided an updated version compatible with Eclipse 3.5.x.

Petr said...

It would be a useful addition if this tool could show also project dependency graph.

Anonymous said...

Just worked fine. Thanks mate.

It would be great to get sth equivalent for OSGI Declarative Service dependencies.