Finding unreferenced JUnit Tests in Eclipse

When working with JUnit 3.8.x, one usually has a TestSuite (often named AllTests), which contains all indivdual test cases of a Java Project. Especially when dealing with a large number of projects, it is hard to ensure that every single test case is included in an AllTests suite. Sometimes one encounters a test case and wonders why it is not executed on the continuous integration server. However in most cases, one just won't recognize.

I wrote a little Eclipse plug-in that addresses this issue. It searches all projects for test cases that don't have any references in the workspace.

The search for unreferenced tests can be started from the Search menu:

Here is what the result dialog looks like:

The plug-in can be downloaded here.

Notes: This plug-in is not applicable to JUnit 4; The plug-in does not handle more complicated scenarios, e.g. a hierarchy of TestSuites.

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